An independent Savoy : so many assets

The annexation from Savoy to France,since 1860, is not legitimate
and Savoy does not have any interest to remain as a part of France.
But, if Savoy find again its independence, will not it be a small State, which could not function correctly ?

The Sovereign Savoy would benefit, in fact, from various assets :

Little States are efficient

Savoy would find again a more efficient democracy

Savoy economy dynamism would be increased

Life quality would be improved

The Savoy League is presenting a realistic and coherent project as shown in our Savoy Federation Constitution Project .

The Savoy League wishes  to unite all the Savoy people . Do you wish, you too, to join us ? Click here to know more about the Savoy League general affiliation conditions and to get an affiliation folder. 

Last update : 03/06/02